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American Tapestry

Portrait of a 'Middling' Family


Table of Contents


Part I: Woodside and Novinger

Chapter 1: Clashing Cultures

Chapter 2: A Fine Vale

Chapter 3: Flying Camps

Chapter 4: Big Runaway

Chapter 5: Chilling Omens

Chapter 6: Out of the Chaos

Chapter 7: The Rebel

Chapter 8: Two Orators

Chapter 9: Cattaraugus

Chapter 10: Soldiers of Fortune

Part II: Sallade

Chapter 11: A Man of His Time

Chapter 12: Young Politician

Chapter 13: A Project from Heaven

Chapter 14: Bank Wars and Logrolling

Chapter 15: A Project from Hell

Chapter 16: Seasoned Politician

Chapter 17: A Know-Nothing Episode

Part III: McEliece and Brown

Chapter 18: The Luck o’ the Irish

Chapter 19: The Undoing of George McEliece

Chapter 20: Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier

Chapter 21: A Case against the Molly Maguires

Chapter 22: Down in the Coal Mine

Chapter 23: The Bitter Cry of Children

Chapter 24: Seeds of Reform

Chapter 25: Light

Chapter 26: Healing Hands

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